Travellers turn college’s Rainham site into a tip

Travellers Turn College’s Rainham Site Into a Tip

TRAVELLERS have left a mountain of waste at Havering College’s Rainham Construction Campus after taking over the site earlier this month.

The Travellers broke into the site on New Road on Wednesday, 6 April through locked gates.

The College have since confirmed the Travellers left early Monday morning.

The same Travellers are believed to have then moved onto the former St George’s Hospital site in Suttons Lane, Hornchurch, on Tuesday morning.

It is understood 18 caravans initially pitched up at the College, which increased to 22 within the first week.

Pupils returned from their Easter break to the College on Monday, 11 April to find the Travellers still there and, along with a large amount of fly-tipping, there had been reports of dog fights taking place at the site.

This led to Havering College arranging for an Interim Possession Order to be issued to the trespassers and the College increasing its security presence during the day and arranging overnight cover.

Havering College confirmed that the rubbish was not there prior to the occupancy of the Travellers and would be removed by the College now the Travellers have vacated.

A spokesperson for the College said: “The rubbish will be removed and the land will be returned to normal as soon as possible.”

Residents of a nearby housing estate reported feeling so intimidated by the Travellers that they wouldn’t let their children play out in the front following incidents of dog fighting, loud noise and invasion of their bins.

Local councillor Michael Deon Burton said that at a time when funds are in short supply he found it unfair the College has to take up time liaising with authorities to have the Travellers moved, and spend their own money to clear the site of the rubbish now they have moved on.

Cllr Deon Burton said: “I find it inherently unfair and near insulting that the public can watch a group of people break into the property of those who educate our children, there take place staged canine fights of the bloodiest kind, organise criminality regarding waste dumping on a mass scale – yet shielded by the label of calling one’s self ‘Traveller’ one can drive away from it.”

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