Southend makes fish-tory with world’s largest portion of chips

Southend Makes Fish-Tory With World’s Largest Portion of Chips

CHEFS at a theme park in Southend have proved they are ‘batter’ than all the rest by frying their way into the record books with the World’s Biggest Portion of Chips.

The five master fryers made fish-tory at Adventure Island on Wednesday after serving up a whopping 448kg (987.6lb) portion of chips in just four hours and twenty minutes – smashing the previous Guinness World record of 368.5 kg (812.4 lb) set back in 2004.

After their record was confirmed park goers were offered a cone of the record-breaking portion for a small £1 charitable donation to Southend Hospital’s Bosom Pals Appeal.

The clock started at 11am when staff in the theme park’s special ‘wet room’ started peeling and cutting chips in the traditional way, before using four deep fat fryers to prepare 16kg of chips at a time.

Once cooked, the chips were then emptied into a scaled-up fish and chip box big enough to fit a full-grown man. By the 3.20pm ‘weigh-in’ the theme park’s new record was officially confirmed by Dave Slipper, Chief Inspector of Weights and Measure for Southend Borough.

Adventure Island can now add this record to their impressive list of world records already held including: the Most Naked People on a Rollercoaster (102 people, August 2010) and the Longest Dodgem Car Marathon (26 hours, May 2011).

Adventure Island Chief Executive, Philip Miller, said: “Eating fish and chips on the seafront – with proper chips and not weedy frozen fries – is all part and parcel of a fantastic tradition that we wanted to celebrate with this record. I really hope we have reminded everybody how our national dish should and used to taste – and also why there’s no better place than the great British seaside for a fantastic holiday. We’ve also proved again that when it comes to setting new world records, Southend’s really Cod Talent!”

The record was also to raise awareness and funds for the Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation’s Bosom Pals Appeal. Lucy Thomas-Clayton, from the Bosom Pals Appeal, said: “This has been a fantastic event raising much needed cash for a worthwhile, local cause and we are absolutely delighted Adventure Island has become a record breaker once again.”

At the end of the attempt all the left over chips went to a good home – to help feed hundreds of pigs and make premium Essex sausages at Wick’s Manor in Maldon.

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