Sink your teeth into a show that rocks

Sink Your Teeth Into a Show That Rocks

Get your fangs at the ready and prepare to rock the night away as Vampires Rock returns to Southend this weekend.

With a twist of rock, a hint of comedy and packed with the greatest anthems of all time, this show will leave you gasping for breath as it transports you to the year 2030 where the dead walk the earth and the Vampires really rock!

Created nine years ago by Steve Steinman, who stars as Baron Von Rockula, the show takes audiences into a whole new world of Vampires using classic rock anthems to tell the story.

“It’s entering its ninth year next year and it just keeps growing and growing,” says 46-year-old Steve. “Ten years ago I was actually working on a Meatloaf story, where it was all the music from one person, but I really wanted to explore more and put the power of rock music to a storyline – and what better than a story about vampires? They’ve been around forever after all!”

Set in a nightclub called Live and Let Die, Baron Von Rockula is in search of a bride, who he must convince to be his queen and live forever.

Complete with some tongue-in-cheek humour and classics from Queen, Meatloaf and Bon Jovi the production has attracted a massive fan base, including rock goddess Toyah Wilcox, who joined the show back in 2008.

“Toyah was with us for two years and she played the Devil Queen,” explains Steve. “It really was crackers for me. I grew up watching her on the TV and to perform with her on stage was amazing. I still have people asking me now if they can be a part of the show. But I tend not to chase people. If the opportunity came, I would love Alice Cooper to be involved. He’s already got that vampire look and I could just see him as a bar tender serving up the drinks in the club.”

Now, with ticket sales well over a million the show is more popular than ever.

“I think it’s just really entertaining,” says Steve of the show’s success. “There are some very funny lines and the music really draws the people back. And although there are some tracks in there that do have to stay, we can have a change around every year to keep the show fresh.”

And if you plan to head to Southend to see the show this weekend, you’d better prepare to truly rock your socks off!

“You’ll be totally rocked out,” laughs Steve. “You’ll leave laughing, singing and dancing your head off. It’s a real full on experience and you will go home feeling good.”

Vampires Rock comes to the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend on Saturday, 1 October. Tickets range from £20 to £23 and under 12s are free. To book, call the Box Office on 01702 351135 or book online at:

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