Green credentials for new centre

Green Credentials for New Centre

The Enquirer this week had a behind the scenes peak at the new Sapphire Jubilee Community Centre at Highfield Towers, Collier Row, Romford.

The name of the new centre is to commemorate this year’s Sapphire Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Work began on Monday, April 3 when the previous centre was demolished and the building works began.

The £1 million project has taken nearly two years to come together and has included consultation with residents.

The new centre is carbon neutral, a ground source heat pump with a bore hole up to 140 metres into the earth generates heating for the centre and rainwater capture so the grey water can be used for flushing toilets, watering the landscaping areas.
The new hall and children’s play area was built where the previous drying area and play area were located.

As well as money from Havering Council’s housing capital projects, a grant of £10,000 has been given by Tesco through the money collected from the sale of plastic carrier bags.
Project Manager Kevin Howard said: “The ideas for the new centre came from a refurbishment request and it progressed from there.

“The idea for the new build came after speaking with the community to see what building type would accommodate them.

“It has everything you would want from a community centre space, and a children’s play area. I’m hoping it gets full use.#
Kevin added: “We’ve had excellent feedback so far, everyone has been very impressed.”

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