Donations Adventure

Donations Adventure

After two weeks of bumpy roads, dirty feet and odd food, it is hard to keep the smiles from the faces of Billericay residents Damian Holland and Amie Willenberg.

Thanks to donations made after an appeal on the Facebook Billericay Discussion Page, Damian and Amie were able to take out a variety of football kits, balls and some much-needed and much-loved book bags to local schools in Gilgil; a rural town in the Rift Valley of Kenya plus a huge array of baby clothes to the Saidia children’s orphanage.


Supporting the charity Harambee Schools Kenya (HSK) of which Amie is CEO, Damian was able to experience first-hand the work the charity supports, including building classrooms and toilet blocks, water harvesting, libraries and much needed school lunch programmes.
Damian said: “I was honoured to have been a part of such a special charity, who does so much with so little. They are making a real difference and the passion and love Amie has for the children was evident in every project she undertakes.”


For just £15, HSK can feed a child for an entire year – giving them the strength and focus to concentrate on their studies. The lunch programme has seen a huge improvement in the school exams and has helped to reduce fatigue and malnourishment. It’s a community project, working hand-in-hand with the schools who provide the firewood and cooking pots, the parents who volunteer their time to cook each day and HSK who provide the rice and beans.

Currently, most of the classrooms are overcrowded and without enough desks the children cram together, fighting for space to do their work.

HSK also provide school desks and for just £30 you can sponsor a desk that will last up to ten years. Giving the children the space they need to learn and prosper.

The donated baby clothes went to the local orphanage which HSK also supports – the home is a haven for some of the area’s most vulnerable children.

Amie said: “I am incredibly touched by how much local support the charity received after just one Facebook post and hopes it will continue with donations to keep the lunch and desk programmes going plus support their Christmas shoebox campaign.”

To find out more about the charity visit or contact Amie on 07725 402300.

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