Labour win all 51 council seats in Barking and Dagenham

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LABOUR have retained control of Barking and Dagenham Borough after a landslide victory where they won a full house of all 51 seats. 

Despite not winning any seats, UKIP were strong in the Borough, coming in fourth for almost every ward.

For a break down of results see below, and for the full story pick up next week’s paper.

Voter turnout was 35.73 per cent.

Peter ChandLabour1668Elected
Eileen Sandra KellerLabour1668Elected
Amardeep Singh JamuLabour1491Elected
Lorraine Margaret HarrisUKIP875Not elected
Husneara MajidCon317Not elected

Voter turnout in Valence was 34.78 per cent.

Jane Elizabeth JonesLabour1471Elected
Maureen WorbyLabour1403Elected
Syed Feroz GhaniLabour1243Elected
Christopher Charles WardUKIP1004Not elected
Alexander HollisGreen350Not elected
Ahia Ahmed ChowdhuryCon279Not elected
Mobarock AliCon223Not elected
Istor MiahCon166Not elected


Labour held strong in Goresbrook, with Cllr Simon Bremner welcoming winners Irma Freeborn and Moin Quadri to the administration.

Simon James BremnerLabour1518Elected
Irma Lisa Maria FreebornLabour1471Elected
Moin Ali QuadriLabour1290Elected
Alan Arthur KiffUKIP1023Not elected
Robert TaylorBNP469Not elected
Sultana Anjuna HussainCon224Not elected
Pearle Ebube OnochieCon236Not elected
Nadia KhatunCon236Not elected
Nzingha Thlibah ShukuraLib Dem131Not elected


UKIP’s Peter Harris achieved fourth place, over 800 votes behind Cllr Phil Waker.

Lee Rex WakerLabour2031Elected
Margaret MullaneLabour1889Elected
Philip WakerLabour1892Elected
Peter HarrisUKIP1082Not Elected
Christine Rose WatsonLib Dem190Not Elected


Josephine ChannerLabour1720Elected
Cameron GeddesLabour1622Elected
Bill TurnerLabour1573Elected
Joyce CracknellUKIP655Not elected
Pamela DumbletonUKIP644Not elected
Reba BegumCon266Not elected
Barry PoultonSLP245Not elected
Andrew BoffCon244Not elected
Bijan DuttaCon138Not elected
Joseph MambulmhTU and Socialist Coalition56Not elected


Darren RodwellLabour1398Elected
Christopher HughesLabour1389Elected
Sanchia AlasiaLabour1240Elected
Nobby WoodUKIP974Not elected
Jakir HussainCon221Not elected
Md. Neamat UllahCon180Not elected
Mohammed Sumsuz ZamanCon145Not elected
Terence LondonLib Dem143Not elected


Labour defector Cllr Gerald Vincent, standing for the Socialist Labour Party, gained only 272 votes and lost his seat to his former colleagues.

Rocky GillLabour2288Elected
Syed AhammadLabour1998Elected
Lynda RiceLabour1752Elected
Shahidur RahmanCon856Not elected
Rumana Yasmeen TahirUKIP623Not elected
Glyn LewisCon485Not elected
Richard SemitegoCon401Not elected
Lorna Jane TooleyGreen283Not elected
Mohammod Jalal UddinLib Dem275Not elected
Gerald VincentSLP272Not elected
Shaheryaar BaigIndep270Not elected


Council leader Liam Smith retained his seat.

John WhiteLabour1625Elected
Melanie BartlettLabour1620Elected
Liam SmithLabour1526Elected
Albert BedwellUKIP867Not elected
Juhel AhmedCon515Not elected
Jean CocklingCon514Not elected
William GeorgeLib Dem204Not elected


Jeffrey WadeLabour1416Elected
Sam TarryLabour1356Elected
Afolasade BrightLabour1389Elected
Ronald CurtisUKIP869Not elected
Ingrid SpindlerUKIP805Not elected
Albert SackyCon377Not elected
Jamil MiahCon354Not elected
Debbie Ann RosamanGreen320Not elected
David CroftLib Dem160Not elected


Tariq Saeed, who caused controversy when he left the Labour party in favour of UKIP, came in fourth place with 647 votes, a third of opponent Giasuddin Miah’s tally.

Laila ButtLabour2252Elected
Danielle DoyleLabour2072Elected
Giasuddin MiahLabour1966Elected
Tariq SaeedUKIP647Not elected
Modoris AliCon410Not elected
Emran ChowdhuryCon323Not elected
Natalija KitkovskaGreen307Not elected
Amaniampong AmpomahCon292Not elected
Ryan EdwardsLib Dem221Not elected
Ostafe Marius-AlexandruEuropeans Party94Not elected


Saima AshrafLabour1977Elected
Abdul Gafoor AzizLabour1896Elected
Dominic TwomeyLabour1757Elected
James SilverfoxUKIP454Not elected
Krishnan Kumar KarCon274Not elected
Mampuya PongoIndep226Not elected
Monwara KhatunCon216Not elected
Isaac MukasaCon172Not elected
Peter MasonTU and Socialist Coalition146Not elected
Ruth MasonTU and Socialist Coalition143Not elected


Michael McCarthyLabour1581Elected
Edna FergusLabour1397Elected
Anthony RamsayLabour1326Elected
Richard KellyUKIP1102Not elected
Jonathan GayUKIP960Not elected
Susan ConnellyCon544Not elected
Anthony McKayBNP222Not elected
Paul SturdyBNP166Not elected


Cllr Jeanne Alexander and Mayor Hardial Singh Rai were re-elected, beating off competition from former Labour councillor Jim McDermott, who stood for the Socialist Labour Party.

Jeanne AlexanderLabour1691Elected
Hardial Singh RaiLabour1403Elected
Faraaz ShaukatLabour1356Elected
Hayat Sarah M’BarkiUKIP832Not elected
Juliet AmoahCon314Not elected
Jim McDermottSLP276Not elected
Dianne ChallisLib Dem257Not elected
Alin RahmanCon242Not elected
Pushpa ChoudhuryCon214Not elected


Evelyn CarpenterLabour2098Elected
Faruk ChoudhuryLabour1885Elected
James OgungboseLabour1784Elected
Robert DouglasUKIP858Not elected
Yvonne DouglasUKIP826Not elected
Lorraine LarnerCon294Not elected
Mohammed HosainCon211Not elected
Ricci Martin SmithCon208Not elected
David Lawrence De CruzLib Dem151Not elected


Linda ReasonLabour1603Elected
David MilesLabour1504Elected
Daniel YoungLabour1380Elected
Connor HarnettUKIP1021Not elected
Faruk MiahCon338Not elected
Janet KorantengLib Dem210Not elected

Former Labour mayor Dee Hunt, who crossed the floor to UKIP when Labour deselected her from their candidate list, lost her Mayesbrook seat by just 12 votes. Here, as in the rest of the Borough, Labour dominated.

Danielle SmithLabour1217Elected
Kashif HaroonLabour1105Elected
Ade OluwoleLabour1073Elected
Dee SmithUKIP1061Not elected
Antony RablenGreen353Not elected
Giuseppe De SantisBNP280Not elected
Sufia BegumCon252Not elected
Md. Foyzur RahmanCon196Not elected
Ahmed ShahjahanCon166Not elected


Voter turnout was 33.11 per cent.

Christopher RiceLabour1317Elected
Elizabeth KangetheLabour1252Elected
Linda ZanitchkhahLabour1111Elected
Richard HallUKIP900Not elected
Goyas MiahCon249Not elected
Zahanara AliCon202Not elected
Numaun Islam ChowdhuryCon196Not elected

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